Intelligent Staff Scheduling

Retail staff scheduling that puts store performance first

Tulip’s Intelligent Staff Scheduling solution uses AI to create performance-optimized schedules that save managers time and ensure you get the most from from your labor budgets

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Scheduling doesn’t have to be tedious

For retailers that prioritize customer experience,  scheduling the right people at the right time can be make or break for achieving sales targets. Analysing demand and creating schedules that make the most of it takes hours, but even the best store managers are limited by legacy systems, confusing reports, and manual processes. Intelligent Staff Scheduling creates schedules that make the most of every minute of sales time in just a few clicks.

Save store managers hours each week with automated scheduling


  • Automated workforce schedulingSave store managers hours of time each week by automatically creating staff schedules that account for scheduling rules, employee skills and preferences, and local regulations. Most store managers can cut their scheduling time in half with Tulip’s Intelligent Staff Scheduling.
  • Drag and drop UILet store managers slot themselves into the schedule or make quick adjustments with an intuitive drag and drop UI.
  • Labor hour managementManage adjustments in labor hour allocations in just a few clicks with increases or reductions applied intelligently across the week and clear visibility into how the changes will affect key metrics like sales and transactions per labor hour.

Give store leaders tools to get the most out of every labor hour


  • Labor reallocationLabor is most retailer’s biggest expense. Intelligent Staff Scheduling lets regional or district managers compare labor periods and easily adjust or reallocate budgeted hours across regions, districts, or individual stores to maximize performance without adding total resources.
  • Performance-focused algorithmsIncrease store sales with advanced AI that connects with your traffic counter, POS, and other store data sources to forecast demand and distribute work appropriately to consistently deliver a great customer experience without neglecting operational tasks or expanding the labor budget.

Client Outcomes

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