Beanie Caps
For Guys With Flow
The Longhairs makes our own line of beanie caps for men, aka “soft lids,” specifically designed for guys with flow. From keeping your head warm in colder months to repping it on the daily, these are a must-go for any dude growing his locks out.
Blend Performance, Comfort & Swag with a Longhairs Soft Lid
For Every Length Hair

Whether you’re in the awkward stage, a longhair lifer, a friend or supporter, everyone will love these premium performance beanies.

Sheath Your Locks

They look great and make a statement, fending off naysayers, shears and cutting implements, and protecting your locks from harsh outdoor elements.

Reveal or Conceal

Let your hair cascade from beneath the cuff...or pull the cuff down for ample space to contain your mane, and a ruse to infiltrate shorthair meetings.

Make The Awkward Stage Cool

The go-to solution for navigating awkward stage hair...peeking out from beneath your beanie it will actually look cool.

Useful, Convenient & Versatile

Excellent for skiing, snowboarding, winter and outdoor sports, not as great for wakeboarding but easy to pack for trips and getaways.

Beanie Styles For Guys With Long Hair